All Black Friday Deals Ultimate Gift Guide 2018

November 21, 2017
all black friday sales thanksgiving tablescape

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all black friday deals gift guide codes

Happy (almost) Thanksgiving!

I celebrated Thanksgiving/ Friendsgiving  a couple of weeks ago so now I have time to find all of the great deals!  I was never into Black Friday Deals- they kind of fall in the same pile as outlet malls to me. They’re great if you are not searching for deals all year around but for me Black Friday always took too much effort when I can find great deals anytime of the year like my 1 cent skirt and not be bothered with a million people. Continue Reading…


25 Reasons Why this is the Perfect Holiday Long Sleeve Dress

November 11, 2017

Holiday long sleeve dresses are nothing new. If you saw velvet and cringed, stay with me! I was a non-believer but I will convince you with 25 reasons why this is the perfect Holiday  Long Sleeve Dress.

I have been seeing an array of velvet dresses make the rounds the last few holiday seasons. It has been as predictable as glittery dresses on New Years Eve, ugh, but I am finally convinced that there is nothing better than THIS velvet dress for the holidays! Continue Reading…


Winter Sweater Fashion

November 7, 2017
winter trend blogger at pumpkin patch juckerhof farm

Winter Sweater Fashion has been hitting the fashion scene hard since the beginning of autumn. I also finally made it to the pumpkin farm so I guess I am a little late on both, but if you are wondering which of the trends is the best I am here to tell you…oversized sweaters for the win!

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How Pinterest Helped Me Get a Man

November 4, 2017
married couple how pinterest got me a man

Everyone knows I am Pinner (is that what it’s called?). I am Pinterest obsessed! I just think it is a great place to find inspiration from fashion to cooking to interior decor… it is all there. It is a search engine and mood board all in one.

In the beginning I was in Pinterest denial as well, I didn’t really see the point and I didn’t have time to DIY my entire life. My changing point was the first time I came to Switzerland to meet my then boyfriend’s parents.

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Autumn Red Color Trend

October 31, 2017
autumn red color -red fashion trend- red and neutral- red-knit-sweater
Autumn Red Color Trend for People Who Do Not like Colors

The autumn red color trend is everywhere right now. I love a pop of color but I prefer neutral tones and monochrome. I think grey is bright. So, the red color trend had me a little weary thinking I am going to look like the Kool-aid man.

autumn red color trend with drykorn came coat

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30 Day Instagram Challenge: Let’s Make it Instaworthy!

October 28, 2017

30 Day Instagram Challenge, November 2017 Instagram Challenge, instagram

So, I have been connecting with a lot of bloggers and fashionistas on Instagram lately. I know a lot of people are upset about the not-so-new Instagram algorithem, the so-called shadowban and just losing the connection with your followers and those that you are following. I have a fun solution that will let us be creative and make friends!

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Casual Beret and Sneakers

October 21, 2017

Before recently the only concept I had of berets were a complete cliche. It ranged from Black Panther to Parisian in a Café. Ironically, I bought this beret in Paris and wore all black and went to a café so less of a range between the two and more of a marriage of cliches.

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3 Ways to Wear a Blazer from Fashion Week Street Style

October 14, 2017

Fashion week is barely in our rear view and the next is already approaching but we all know the most important aspect of every fashion week is street style. As the It Girls of the fashion world convene in a city-to- city tour of the Big Four, New York, London, Milan and Paris while I sit on my couch watching Netflix, searching Pinterest recipes and other basic bitch past times my Pinterest is then taken over by Fashion Week Street Style and I go into full critique mode hosting my own episode of What Not to Wear from said couch.

My favorite mix of street style is the marriage of high end and low end with contrast, to me street style is meant to be self-expression with a bit of pea-cocking avant-garde all while being effortless. I am a fan of any outfit that includes a jacket, I will pick out a jacket for an outfit before purse or jewelry and it could be 99 degrees out. It just brings everything together, so styling a blazer is essentially my street style.

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