Pregnancy after Loss: Rainbow Baby

March 21, 2017

This post has been sitting in the depths of my mind for months at this point. Pregnancy is a time for joy and excitement with the expectations of meeting your baby; but after losing a baby the beauty of pregnancy is easily overshadowed with fear, anxiety and stress. In today’s time we share every detail of our lives and are the most vulnerable to people via social media. As a blogger I really struggle with this. As a blogger I love to share experiences and I answer many e-mail and direct messages personally to share my journey but I do not share my personal journey as openly but today I will share my story… fear, anxiety and all.

Vulnerability is a part of my journey.

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Happy 4th of July!

July 4, 2016

Celebrating the 4th of July in Europe is of course not the same as when I am back “home” in the US. There are no fireworks or major celebrations but there is a bit of time to reflect on how my lifestyle has differed.
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Slay Couple Wedding Style

June 29, 2016
couple_wedding_fashion_style_france_salmon_tmlewin_city triangles

A wedding in a castle nestled in the South of France, I am pretty sure that is the premise for every happily ever-after, old school-Disney-princess movie. With wedding season chasing every 20 something-to-30 something through social media we are officially at that age… where every update is a wedding or a baby announcement. But does it get any sweeter than an invite to wedding in the South of France? Continue Reading…

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Frugal Friday: 1¢ Skirt Nordstrom Rack Review

June 10, 2016

Yes, you read that right! I paid exactly a penny for this skirt! So here we continue with the Frugal Friday series and thank you all so much for the great support and comments on my last post. If you didn’t get a chance to read it check it out here.

So as you know I am a bargain hunter. I love the challenge, it’s a rush for me to find everything.

So I have found some great designer pieces at Nordstrom Rack for low discounts, but I have never found anything in store for just 1 penny until now!

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The Perfect Nude

May 23, 2016

Everyone is nude! The spring season trend has been the nude look, reigning since Spring 2014 and finally it is widely available outside of the yellow-y tan shades of last season. I am in love with the rich brown shades of nude that match my skintone and they have been increasing in popularity. I wouldn’t wear make up that doesn’t complement my skin and I feel the same way about wearing nude colored clothes. Continue Reading…

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Let Us Eat

May 16, 2016

Who doesn’t love taking obnoxious photos of their food? I can’t help it. Especially when you go to a nice restaurant and they place the food on the plate so artistically.

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