Founded in 2014 by Falasha also known as Lasha, Bite My Fashion is on track to be one of the most influential international blogs. Curated content reaching readers-in-the-know, Bite My Fashion is a destination fashion blog for those who wander and are not lost.

Falasha has dedicated her life to sharing experiences and enriching communities as an American humanitarian, she has dedicated herself to empowering and educating her community on issues of Public Health. Outside of her drive for Public Health; which has been highlighted in O Magazine and recognized by the White House, Falasha has been traveling independently and internationally since a young age.  Falasha is a multi-faceted influencer including roles as a model, stylist, creative director, and most recently: fiancé. Recently engaged to the love of her life and fellow adventurer to wed in Switzerland.  She embodies the American relaxed appeal with elegant European influence. Falasha has curated her wardrobe and styling wearing & working with a variety of high end and affordable brands, from Christian Louboutin, Tracy Reese, Diane Von Furstenberg to Forever 21, Missguided, and H & M .

She has made her mark on the fashion and travel industry by her go-getter optimism and approachable personality that is a refreshing deviation from the norm.  Bite My Fashion, embodies a head strong, non-stop attitude for the fashion world- Experiences shape perspective and Bite My Fashion aims to share her luxurious, at times crazy experiences with the world.

Traveling around the world- many times between the USA and Europe with her fiancé, Bennie, Bite My Fashion shares these experiences with the world.