April 16, 2015

Took the Amtrak for 27 hours from Miami, Florida to Washington, DC. Well, what did I learn?

I learned that my fiancé just may be the most understanding person in the world. Let me start off by telling you how it came that we had to take this 27 hour journey. It all started with a lot of fun in Miami on a Saturday night. I was holding both of our ID’s in my clutch and managed to lose his passport, based on the events that followed we are pretty sure it was stolen. I had booked us a week cruise to the Bahamas to leave Monday but due to him needing his Swiss passport that was sadly derailed and we had to book a last minute Amtrak ride to the Swiss Embassy in Washington, DC. It all worked out in the end and we made the best time out of the situation. I mean how many people can say they’ve traveled the East Coast on a train?!

I learned…

  1. For $500.00 more my fiance and I could’ve chosen to ride in cabins where you have a bunk bed but that just didn’t seem as authentic crazy! So check out this leg room… I ended up putting my bag over head and I can sleep in any moving vehicle (car, plane, bike) so I slept fine.
  2. You will be very excited for “smoke breaks” I don’t smoke but it was enjoyable to get off the train and check what the city was like from the train station.
  3. The Club Car, is where I enjoyed a cheeseburger & a glass of red wine for dinner. The menu was extensive enough and  the burger was good! Also, there is a lot of drinking that occurs so we talked (& mostly watched people get drunk).

    (Did I mention this was during Spring Break? So the college students were entertaining!)


club_cart_food_amtrakI would not necessarily ride the Amtrak again for such a long time but it wasn’t too bad. The staff was friendly, the drama was plentiful and I enjoy people watching. There were certainly some shady characters, not nearly as shady as I’d imagine a bus ride.


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3 responses to “27 HOURS ON AMTRAK…”

  1. Yaszy says:

    What an adventure! I know that’s not what you had planned, but I am happy you guys made the best of it.

    • Bitemyfashion says:

      So stressful, but that was certainly the lesson learned- you must make the best of every situation.

      xx Falasha

  2. Anisa says:

    – These are so great! I seriously need to use mine more. I fgroet that the camera is so good since I’ve had such a crappy one for so long! Can you tell me what you used for the collage here? I’ve seen it in a few other places and love it!

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