Española Way: What to Wear and Where to Eat

March 20, 2015

Española Way in Miami once known for where the wealthiest & fanciest would frequent it is now best described as where spring breakers and weekenders go to listen to Drake on the beach. While Miami is a mainstream holiday destination it is still one of the best holiday destinations. When you go to Miami you want to eat and well and dress to be noticed or to completely chill out… either is perfect in Miami.



I chose to wear a olive green leotard with ripped jeans, the dainty jewelry balances this tough vibe and adds to the femininity of with scrappy black heels. Mixing neutral tones of olive and brown with  black allows for my fabric differences and this leotard is as sexy as you want since it zippers in the front.


North of 14th Street between Washington and Pennsylvania Avenues, Espanola Way’s faux European styled buildings seem like something out of a painting and  stand seemingly contrasting the new modern contrast all mixed with a wave of bright colors and sprinkled with flashy cars.


What to Wear?


During the day opt for light fabrics and something that stands out from the scenery. You are only  a few blocks walk from the beach so you can easily slip your bathing suit on underneath or wear as a top and you go from tourist to beach ready. espanola-way-style-outfit-what-to-wear-miami


At night, do not overdress because while Miami is beautiful there is a lot of crime and they target people in designer labels. My fiance’s passport was stolen and credit card copied. We only know it was copied once he got back to Switzerland and was notified that someone tried to use his card in Canada even though he had it on him. He only used his credit card at one restaurant! We were wearing designer clothes and spent a lot on dinner at what we thought was a nice restaurant. It was WAY overpriced!

I must admit I love AirBnB so I rented a beautiful apartment in the Art Deco area, 2 blocks away was the quaint ally of Española Way. The Apartment was the perfect location.

Stay somewhere centrally located so you can dress up, party and eat without stressing about cab rides or how you will get home!

Where to Eat?

We headed over to Nuvo Seafood and Pasta for lunch and I enjoyed this beautiful Mango Tuna Salad, brace yourself because SoBe can be really expensive for food!

Update: Nuvo Cafe has since closed


Havana 1957 Cuba

Go for some good Cuban Food

Hosteria Romana

Italian food is good, they say this is where Italians go to eat!

A La Folie Cafe

If you want some French food

Tapas & Tintos

Fun and lively place, a bit loud at night but good drinks and decent food.

To be honest the area is completely over priced in my humble opinion and I would opt to eat at lesser known places in Miami because any where on the waterfront or in the Espanola Promenade is a bit of a tourist trap from my experience but a great environment and experience.

Miami, specifically SoBe is where everyone goes to cut loose so it is up to you if you want to dress up or down, high heels or bikini you will fit in perfectly with the laid back atmosphere.



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