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Is Stokke Worth the Money? Stokke Review

November 28, 2017
Is Stokke worth the money? Better yet, is the Stokke Stroller worth 1,200?

mom pushing stokke xplory strollerThe Stokke strollers have been collecting awards being named the Best Stroller of the Year for many years running. This title comes with a hefty price tag as well. So, the question begs, how good is a $1,200 stroller? Is it worth the money? I mean, I’ve had cars that were worth less than my sons stroller. My first only two cars when I was 17 and 20 wouldn’t have collected $1,200 combined so I certainly understand those that are not on the luxury stroller bandwagon.

However, now I solely use public transportation and we live in a city that we prefer to get around without a car. Plus, I really hate driving. Therefor it was important that we had a heavy duty stroller that we could use to easily navigate the city. I added the Stokke Xplory to my registry knowing full well that no one would buy us such an expensive stroller, especially considering people do not even do registries here, for that matter the concept of Baby Shower/ Baby Gender Reveal was all newly introduced by myself as the resident American among our friends and family.

It was decided that we would cough up the $1,200 for the stroller because…I really wanted it, that is first and foremost for any pregnant women.  We weren’t buying a lot of expensive items for Langston, his room is furnished by Ikea and my DIY skills so this was somehow a justified expense in my mind and I am known to be cheap, but I prefer money conscious.

newborn baby stokke xplory stroller

If you cannot justify the expense I am going to tell you to stop reading now. If you already know damn well there is no way the price can settle with you then nothing I say will convince you that this stroller is worth that kind of money and don’t be a buy on credit type of person for a stroller, just stahp.


In the end Langston’s amazing Godfather and his fiancé gifted us the stroller (he’s a loved and blessed baby).

So, let me tell you again… Dont break the bank for a stroller. Your baby will be just fine. We use this travel stroller for about $100 and it served the same purpose getting from A to B.

The Stokke is a brand from the Netherlands and is very popular in Switzerland I probably see someone pushing the same stroller as me in a different color once a week and people stop me at least a couple of times month to ask me where they can find this stroller.

is stokke stroller worth the price luxury xplory carry cot

The Stokke Xplory has the most sleek design and is easily the most fashion forward stroller on the market!

. If you want a new designer handbag, get the Stokke stroller instead! Click To Tweet
dad push baby in stroller outsideAre you still asking yourself ” Is Stokke Worth the Money?”
The Review
What Made Me Want the Stokke Xplory:

I needed a stroller with a carry cot, we do not have a heavy use for a car seat since we do not own a car and the carry cot allows the baby to lay flat which is healthier for newborns compared to carseats.

The carry cot could be taken off of the stroller and when we would travel by train I could remove the cot from the base and lay the cot across the seat. I also let him sleep in it a few times while we stayed over my In-Laws house so I didn’t need to travel with a bassinet.

The seat is forward facing and outward facing and the handle bar comes to my waist. The stroller is very tall, which is perfect because I am 5’10.

The baby is far from the ground so in Switzerland when it rains and snows he will stay dry and away from the elements.

The stroller comes with a 3 year warranty.

baby in stokke stroller xplory in winter sackWhat I Don’t Like:

The stroller has a foot break that is really stiff and difficult to get to lock properly which is a must on public transportation. Now, I see a lot of strollers with handbrakes and this is really appealing.

The front wheels do not break.

The handle bar shows wear very quickly, in the first week it already was showing signs of use.

The turning is really wide, it is difficult to make tight turns.

It is a bit complex to break down the stroller and you have to take it down into two pieces as oppose to the collapsable strollers.

The textiles are a pain to wash, you must take apart so many little pieces and Langston had acid reflux so it was a must wash situation.

newborn stroller carriage

Pushing the Stokke Xplory stroller as we leave the hospital for the first time.

What I Like:

The suspension is really good and makes for a smooth ride for the baby, you could go over rocks and potholes and the baby will be fine.

The quality of the textiles is top notch. Not soft as I thought it would be but comfortable, stays clean and breathable.

The Stokke stroller comes with great accessories including sun shields and protectors from the sun as well as a winter kit (these all cost extra).

I still like the height and I normally have it forward facing so I can see Langston.

Langston loves being outside in his stroller, it is his favorite activity and we can go for a walk every single day, I pile the stroller up with groceries as well and sometimes we go off trails for hour long walks and he is very content.

red stroller sack stylish stokke stroller

There are many ways to adjust the Stokke Xplory.

stokke stroller variations xplory graphic


Overall 15/20

Back to the original question? Is Stokke Worth the Money? Yes! I am very happy with the Stokke Stroller and I think it is worth the investment.

Price 2/5
Fabric/ Textiles 3/5
Sturdiness 5/5
Style 5/5

You  can read all of my Baby Travel Essentials here where I outline the best gear for traveling with a baby. I also have some stroller essentials. Even with the best strollers these are amazing added comfort.

Stroller Essential Accessories

 Need more time to decide on the perfect stroller. Pin this to reference later and decide on the perfect stroller.
is stokke worth the money stokke stroller mom review xplory


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36 responses to “Is Stokke Worth the Money? Stokke Review”

  1. blogoratti says:

    It looks great and the high quality is highly visible. Yes it’s pricey but it’s all down to perspective in the end. Lovely photos and your little one is adorable.

    Warm greetings!
    blogoratti recently posted…People Who Watch The SkyMy Profile

  2. Rosanna says:

    Great review and pictures, it’s so chic!
    Have a lovely day 🙂
    Rosanna x

  3. Neti* says:

    Great review. You and the Prince are enjoying life and that’s what it’s all about. Kudos!!
    Neti* recently posted…Thanks!My Profile

  4. Stokke seems like a great quality stroller! I can see why so many ask you where can they get it from, it looks so chic!
    Ankita Bardhan recently posted…TBS Vegan Month Bloggers MeetMy Profile

  5. Chelsheaflo says:

    Wow, this post is super helpful for new mommy <3
    That stokke looks so modern and cute though. Nice article 🙂


  6. This looks way better than the Graco stroller I had!! It looks so classy and chic. I think if I had the money to splurge, I def. would!

    Carrie @ Curly Crafty Mom recently posted…Farmhouse Chicken Wire Christmas Tree Wreath {12 Months of Wreaths}My Profile

  7. Mariann Yip says:

    Even though it looks nice, I agree that I can’t fathom that price! That’s crazy. Definitely a beautiful stroller though.

  8. Ruth says:

    I am done with strollers and it’s so amazing to not have to take one with us wherever we go. I wouldn’t spend that kind of moola on a stroller but it looks nice and what a great godfather!

  9. What a wonderful review! Such a cool stroller!

  10. Lindsey Puls says:

    Awww, Langston is such a cutie! And wow – that sounds like a wonderful stroller. Great review!

  11. jodie filogomo says:

    Thanks for being so honest!! And how fabulous to see Langston in these photos!!

  12. Kate says:

    I always joke to my daughter that she’s not in a fancy stroller, and it’s evident when we go to places like the pumpkin patch or the tree farm and we’re “off-roading” because it gets stuck easily. This looks fabulous, and I love that it provides protection against the elements by being higher up <3
    Green Fashionista
    Kate recently posted…Crisscross and Winter WhitesMy Profile

  13. Hillory says:

    Omg how cute is this stroller?! Honestly, that sounds like a lot of money, but with all of the features it sounds totally worth the investment!



  14. Andrea says:

    What a great review!!!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Hope you are having a great week!


    Seize your Style
    Andrea recently posted…Holiday Season Outfits InspirationMy Profile

  15. It looks really great, thanks for sharing your review!


  16. Dominique says:

    Never knew you could get designer strollers. It looks very stylish! xx
    Dominique recently posted…12 DAYS OF GIFTMAS: STOCKING FILLERSMy Profile

  17. Shauna says:

    Love the stroller, so fancy 🙂

    Shauna recently posted…Jingle BellsMy Profile

  18. I showed this post to a few of my friends and the conversation was interesting. I’m not a mother so I can’t relate. They had questions, which you did answer. Nice review!

  19. Pentene says:

    Almost sounds pretty worth it, but damn $1200 (lol). No really, anything for that cute baby of yours. He’s adorable. If I could afford it I would get one for my nephew who is now two months old.


  20. MONICA SORS says:

    Lovely post dear! Amazing coat!!
    Mónica Sors

  21. Cris says:

    Wow. This stroller looks fantastic. Love the look and the luxurious feel. Your baby is the star of the post though. Super cute. Have a lovely weekend. xoxo Cris
    Cris recently posted…Rosegal Black Friday SaleMy Profile

  22. The baby carriage is beautiful and practical to use … and the baby is so cute, it’s like you !!!

  23. Thanks for your honest review! 🙂

    Visit me at:
    Shoot for the stars
    Starshine Beauty recently posted…How to Make Fritter Doughnuts a.k.a. FrituleMy Profile

  24. Blaire says:

    Very impressive stroller indeed! In your case, a nice stroller is perfect. Plus don’t forget the resale on baby products is huge! Great review.
    xo, Whitney and Blaire
    Peaches In A Pod

  25. Ashley says:

    Glad you found a stroller you love!

    Le Stylo Rouge
    Ashley recently posted…Bright Green Suit for the Holidays.My Profile

  26. DEMELER says:

    glad you found a good one! and good to know if I ever have a baby haha

  27. Shivangi says:

    Nice review of the stroller! Your son is adorable!! Have a wonderful day!
    Shivangi recently posted…Happiest Place on Earth!My Profile

  28. Amy Arnold says:

    Good review! I think the hardest part for me would be that it doesn’t break down easily but it is so nice that he can sleep in it.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  29. Kuks says:

    looks great but the price…nothing good comes cheap though. Your baby is so cute
    Wonder Cottage

  30. Rach says:

    I really respect your honesty here! It is definitely costly and there are lots of pros and cons to consider!

  31. Cindy Elena says:

    I had no idea strollers that expensive even existed! Oh gosh.

    xo | Cindy Elena

  32. Margot says:

    Such an interesting post for all the parents and parents to be !
    I didn’t know a stroller could be that expensive.
    But all the different ways to adjust the stroller are amazing.
    You made an amazing review.
    Your baby boy is sooooo adorable !

  33. Jalisa says:

    What a great helpful post for mom’s to be! I had no idea about this stroller when I was pregnant. The two that I heard about and saw a lot was the Vista and Bugaboo. I have friend who had the Vista and swore by it, so I ended up making the switch and love it. I think a good quality stroller is an essential, not merely because of how nice it looks, but because of how good it strolls. I had one from Chicco I thought was great and it was HORRIBLE! My baby felt every bump and so did I and the wheels didn’t even want to move half the time. Anyway, thanks for sharing, girlie, and I hope you have a great weekend!


    Jalisa recently posted…Gift Ideas for the Mama-to-BeMy Profile

  34. That’s an interesting looking stroller!
    Kelsey&Kenecha recently posted…I’m still here!My Profile

  35. Stacey says:

    I don’t even have a baby but I always told myself if I become a mom I want a stroller like this that isn’t so bulky. I actually think it looks and sounds chic enough to spend the money on as well.
    Stacey recently posted…East Coast to West CoastMy Profile

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