Let Us Eat

May 16, 2016

Who doesn’t love taking obnoxious photos of their food? I can’t help it. Especially when you go to a nice restaurant and they place the food on the plate so artistically.

I also have a new found love for cooking. I told you before I would love to include food recipes and cooking on the blog but I am way too excited to eat food. I don’t have the patience to set the lighting and take million photos when all I want to do is enjoy.

As the theme has been Paris, and Paris is the culinary capitol of the world… here is your taste of Paris.LET_US_EAT_food_paris_blog_seafood_escargot_meals

Eat like a Local

Whether I travel to Asia or Europe I try to open my mind to how locals eat and follow accordingly. Avoiding the typical fast-food franchises. However when we landed in Paris it was a cold rainy day and we were looking for somewhere to duck inside for warmth and there it was… Chipotle!

So yes, the first Parisian meal was Chipotle. Oh well, we don’t have Chipotle in Switzerland so I stuffed my face with glee.

I made up for it though with tons of seafood, fish and escargot.
let_us_eat_ESCARGOT_SNAIL_FRENCH_PARIS_MEALseafood_fish_paris_meal_brasserieseafood_fish_paris_meal_brasserieseafood_crab_french_parisseafood_fish_paris_meal_brasserieseafood_fish_paris_meal_brasserieI am not a huge meat eater but every now and then I will enjoy a steak. Well, I was told a couple times that the chef refuses to cook anything past medium done… so I tried one medium steak that was practically rare so unless you are about that life I’d advise to stay away from the red meat. I got a bit sick that night. 


Drink and Eat More

Enjoy a nice glass of wine and eat forever. Every good meal last hours.


I even managed to eat a salad or two.

salad_ dessert_french_parisLet_us_eat salad_french_parisDessert is French for Dessert… funny enough though appetizer is french for starter.

Baba Au Rhum is a small little cake that is extremely sweet and you pour liquor over.

FullSizeRender-2creme_brulee_flambe_ french_dessertdessert_french_parisdessert_french_parisOh and the pastries are AMAZING! if you’re a bread love like me you have gone to heaven.




drink dessert_french_paris

Do you like trying new food or prefer to stick to what you know?



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53 responses to “Let Us Eat”

  1. Alyssa says:

    Of course I am in for tryin out other countries native foods. The fast food ones taste so boring. Anyways I enjoyed reading your post and looking the the foods.

    Aly In Wanderland | ^_^ | alyinwanderland.com xx Alyssa

  2. Stephanie says:

    I love chipotle! That food looks so good!
    Stephanie recently posted…Simple white dressMy Profile

  3. Oh my gosh, looks so good!! Especially the seafood!


  4. anna says:

    So many delicious food.

  5. nikoline says:

    Oh my, everything looks amazing! Not sure I would like those snails though xD


  6. Pam says:

    so much yummy food! the chef refuses? say what! I’m paying and I want my steak well done! 😛
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  7. Quinn says:

    I am obsessed with food 😉 I love eating like a local wherever I go too – great post!

    xx http://www.qustomquinns.com/blog
    Quinn recently posted…– Try it Tuesday: No7 –My Profile

  8. Rach says:

    I am the same way when I travel. I like to eat their local cuisine! It’s the only opportunity you can do that plus there’s so many amazing food out there and all you have to do is explore it! These food photos are making me hungry! Everything looks delicious.

    Rach recently posted…Midi JumpsuitMy Profile

  9. Dominique says:

    I agree taking food photos is a blogger must! This is such a great and informative post! xx

    Dominique recently posted…Danone Light and FreeMy Profile

  10. Style Tomes says:

    Wow, all those meals look so delicious!! And I’m really surprised Chipotle is in France! I didn’t realize it already hopped the ocean and sprung up in other countries.
    Style Tomes ||ST on IG
    Style Tomes recently posted…Fashion Blogger’s San Diego: Great Spots for PhotosMy Profile

  11. Tijana says:

    Oh, what a wonderful post! I’ve just had my lunch but I’m terribly hungry again 😀 Everything looks so appetizing and I wish I could appear in Paris and try some of those 😉

    Tijana recently posted…Santorini, Greece #1 – Houston, we have a problemMy Profile

  12. Those desserts look amazing!

    Vanessa @ Living in Steil recently posted…The Insta IndexMy Profile

  13. This all looks AMAZING and is making me ready for lunch! I’m drooling over those oysters right now.
    Kasie Chelanne recently posted…Italian Riviera Home TourMy Profile

  14. Ashley says:

    Ooooh, all these dishes look amazing!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  15. You ate so much yummy food! 🙂 xx
    Nevena Krstic recently posted…Pink PinaforeMy Profile

  16. Bianca says:

    This looks delicious!! I hope you enjoyed 🙂 x


  17. Ileana says:

    These all look so beautiful and delicious! 🙂


    Novelstyle Blog
    Ileana recently posted…Meet AmberMy Profile

  18. Anouk says:

    Normally I prefer to stick with the food that I know and like but occasionally I will try something completely new.

    Anouk recently posted…Back in La La Land | Los AngelesMy Profile

  19. Gemma says:

    Oh yum! This all looks so good. Gemma x
    Gemma recently posted…How To Wear Wool In The SpringMy Profile

  20. Amazing and now I’m very hungry! 🙂


    Photography & Fashion Blog,


  21. Leta says:

    All these photos are making me hungry even tho I just ate, haha. I’m not the biggest fan of sea food and rare meat. But I like how appetizing it looks.

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

  22. Vanessa says:

    Falasha, this looks so good! Love sea food!
    xoxo, Vanessa
    Vanessa recently posted…Haute Trend: Pineapple PrintMy Profile

  23. Your photos make my mouth water! Me too, I love cooking… and I do enjoy eating as well. That’s why discovering the local food is one of those pleasures when travelling…
    LifeStyleTalks recently posted…Chanel & Karl Published A Book For LifeMy Profile

  24. I should have not clicked on this post…it made me want to lick my screen. I agree about eating like a local, I try to do it as much as I could whenever I travel with the exception when we were in Cambodia, the food just didn’t sit right with my husband’s tummy so we ended up eating at the hotel throughout our stay. 🙁
    Shireen L. Platt recently posted…REVIEW: b·līv CC Pores AwayMy Profile

  25. Dana Ivy says:

    Don’t ever stop taking photos of your food! I am totally with you – can’t help it either! Love this post!

    Xox Dana Ivy // http://www.iadorewhatilove.com

  26. Gabrielle says:

    I completely agree – restaurant food is often too beautifully presented NOT to photograph! Funnily enough, the escargots look the most impressive here and I’ve not even tried them before haha 🙂


  27. Looks way to good, totally foodPORN !!
    Xx Blue Ducklings
    Blue Ducklings recently posted…Moments from Amsterdam My Profile

  28. Laura says:

    So much good cuisine – and you can’t beat Chipotle!!


  29. Serene says:

    The food looks so delicious <3

    Serene | I Am Serene L
    Serene recently posted…ZOEVA – 129 Luxe Fan BrushMy Profile

  30. yuka says:

    yum! all of those desserts look heavenly!


  31. Danny says:

    Wherever I go, I want to try some traditional food, I’m really opend to new things and enjoy most of the flavours, so I got reall hungry looking a this wonderul colection of food pics. I remember having this great onion soup in Paris.
    The only exception I made was one time in China when I really got tired of plain rice and cabage after a week and treded it for a pate of french fries for one night (and I’m not even big fan of french fries!)

    Have funtistic futre food experiences 😀
    xx, Danny

  32. Sophia says:

    Huuum everything just look so good! xo, Sophia from http://www.sistersandglitters.com/

  33. Mai says:

    Love this post. Thank for sharing & Happy Weekend! xx


  34. alessandra says:

    The food seems delicious! I took note
    alessandra recently posted…Camp Jeep 2016, un evento da non perdereMy Profile

  35. Kelsey&Kenecha says:

    Everything looks so good! 🙂


  36. Dana Ivy says:

    Ahhh I only eat my meat well done! The chef would hate me! But isn’t that crazy? I like the way I like it and who is a chef to shun my food tastes! Rant over! Anyways, the fish looked delish!

    Xox Dana Ivy // http://www.iadorewhatilove.com
    Dana Ivy recently posted…What You Should Wear on Memorial Day {MOM + BABY}My Profile

  37. Wow what a feast! And it all looks so yummyy!

    Chelsea Henriquez recently posted…SUPER CMy Profile

  38. Eni says:

    It looks good and now I’m hungry!!! Have a nice day, kisses and thank you for stopping at my blog,

    Eniwhere Fashion
    Eniwhere Fashion Facebook

  39. Ivi says:

    This all looks very yummy! When I was the first time in Paris I also tried for the very first time escargots there. Have a great weekend! xxx


  40. Liz says:

    Oh my god they look so good! So starving! x


  41. Tamara says:

    Everything looks so amazing and delicious! I will for sure keep in mind your advice, thanks for sharing!

    Check out my blog if you want: http://www.theglamandglitter.com

    Tamara xxx

  42. Konstantina Antoniadou says:

    that post made me hungry !

  43. I admit it: am also a food pic taker! And all this looks sooo delish!! Therefore I don’t blame you at all lol! Happy Monday ❤️


  44. The food looks great!
    Kelsey&Kenecha recently posted…Sunshine and a puppy!My Profile

  45. Alyssa says:

    Great photos and they all look delicious 🙂


  46. Meghan says:

    YUMMM I just got so hungry! I don’t blame you for jetting off to Chipotle first though haha nothing like the comfort of a burrito bowl! xo

    Meghan recently posted…Under Your SpellMy Profile

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