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London Market Greenwich Market

December 30, 2017

You may have heard of the Greenwich Market it is one of the most popular of the London Market scene and my vote for the best, even though I haven’t visited many (or any other( so my vote may bias. Nothing beats a market when you truly want to get the vibe of a city. Every city has some form of an open market where farmers, bakers, cooks and entrepreneurs alike share their goods. I have been to many from the South of France to Miami and there is something about the small business owners and vendors that really makes me open my wallet and spend, and anyone who knows me knows… that just ain’t me! It is so out of character for me to spend money but let me tell you when the crafmanship is beautiful and true quality I would much rather spend money supporting a small organic business then a giant corporation.

Greenwich Market

Greenwich Market is located in Greenwich London, a picturesque underground market situated within  a mix of pale pink buildings, artisan bakeries and overpriced tourist shops. The area it self is far more British than other parts of London. You likely will not hear too many other languages or accents like you will in other parts of London and even for that reason alone it feels like you have stumbled into a secret part of London. The area still represents a lot of genuine diversity once you enter the market, we ate Jamaican beef patties and Panzeretto, the Italian Pizza Pocket. I regret not having time to try out a ramen burger. The bun is ramen noodles!!!  

They do not charge extra for more toppings so of course I had to make it my own. My creation was so good the cook asked to take a pic haha

What to Buy

I wanted to share a few things I picked up at the market, I also had a chance to speak to the vendors and they were all so nice.

I mostly stuck to the natural products like creams and moisturizers originally thinking they would make great gifts but let’s just say I gifted them to myself. #selflove


Bath Truffles aka Bath Bombs

I was never much into the bath bomb hype via lush because I have never bought anything from there. These bath truffles are the same fizzy concept with all natural ingredients. They are practically edible and they smell so good. I cannot wait to try them out.

Massage Bar

This moisturizer is a life saver. I am already loving it. It smells soooo good and rubs on soft and not greasy. Sometimes with these moisturizer bars they take muscle power just to apply but this one is so soft, loving it so far.


There were free samples and I was convinced. We picked up this 3 pack for about 12 pounds and I am about to be putting this on everything…

I am telling you. markets get me everytime, but I love the sense of community. Where is your favorite market?

Want to see more of my travels in Great Britain? Join me for Afternoon Tea here.




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  1. Lovely photos! Happy New Year! 🙂 xx

  2. Chelshea says:

    How I wish I could fly to London to visit Greenwich market. So tempting! Those bath bombs though <3


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