Motherhood: Natural Birth Story (6 Months Later)

October 4, 2017

Thank you all so much for your support and kind words as we shared such a scary moment in our lives. Baby Zuend, whose name is Langston Raffael was born on April 4, 2017 at 2:24 pm.

He is 6 months old today!

And is an active, happy, loud and fun baby boy with the determination of an old soul.

He rules our home with more personality than I could have ever imagined, he loves to eat and play and he lets you know when it is time to do either!

I wasn’t too sure what to make this first post about but a lot of my friends are scared sh+tless to have a baby so I’ll start the “Motherhood Series” with a good ole birth story… only continue if you’re into that (or nosey like me) if not just browse photos of this cutey, despite all my work he looks just like his dad. It’s a medical miracle because I pretty much cloned a human being.

pregnancy_39_weeks_fashion_mama_maternityI woke up around 6:30am on April 4th- actually I’ll start the night before, on April 3rd. I was having a very bad toothache. It was one of those in your temple and eyes, all you can do is lay down toothaches. I couldn’t take anything because I was 39 weeks pregnant. My sleep was already disturbed because my unborn son thought of my uterus as a bounce house and loved kicking all night. So there I was laying in bed with a box of frozen coconut water on my face, I had read that coconut water may be helpful during labor so I had frozen a couple juice boxes but I needed them now to ice my face.

Bennies alarm clock went off around 6:30 am and I got out of the bed with him. I was in a bit of a daze from rotating between makeshift ice packs all night and I think at some point I took a benadryl, I knew it was a “safe” drug, in hopes of getting some sleep- it only added to me desperately wanting sleep.

Bennie left for work at 7 and I was finally starting to feel the pain go away. I turned on Netflix and laid down in bed to relax, as I started to dose off I felt a mild pain in my stomach. A few minutes later the pain came again.

So here’s the crazy part.

I just knew I was going to be in labor for a long time. So I prepared a few things to do so I would not go to the hospital too soon, since I wanted a natural birth. I told my sisters I was going to bake a cake while in labor, because for some reason that made total sense.

So, after the first two contractions I was pretty sure I had a stomach ache. Some type of rationale but I didn’t want to psyche myself out because I had read all of these stories about women being in labor for days or “false” labor for weeks. So I kept going back and forth to the bathroom because the contractions really move some “stuff”. By 8am I was texting Bennie that he needed to come home because now this mild pain was picking up and steadily coming. I started to time them- I said I’d go to the hospital when they are 5 minutes apart but they started at 5 minutes apart, but some are 6 and maybe 7 or maybe I was losing track.

I decided to get in the bath tub because I read that can relax the “discomfort”, I say discomfort because I now know a new definition of  pain! And if you haven’t gathered so far, I did a lot of research/ reading about pregnancy to prepare myself for labor.

Bennie gets home around 9 and I am in our bathtub, he’s a bit confused as to why I am in the bathtub but fairly certain it was in something that I read. At 9:45am Bennie calls the hospital and we are told to wait till 11:30 to come, so that was my cue to try to take a nap. I go lay down in bed and ask Bennie to massage my back; another thing I read. Actually, I made Bennie watch youtube birth class video (because I was too cheap to pay for classes we could get from YT for FREE). As soon as he touched my back to help the contraction pass my water broke.

We were at the hospital by 10:30, after some rushing through the apartment and a very awkward cab ride.

natural_birth story-labor_tipsIn Switzerland, at least at my hospital I could chose from giving birth with just the midwife, with a doctor and midwife, and because it is the University they asked if a couple of students could watch.  As a note, by this time in your pregnancy you don’t really care who sees your body, as long as they get the baby out safe and quickly.

natural hospital birth room tub

I asked for the doctor to be present but in the end,  somehow ended up in the birthing tub. At this point it becomes a bit blurry. I remember some animalistic moans that I couldn’t try to reenact. natural_birth_story_fashion-blogger-birth-europe

My midwife never offered me drugs and I brought it up once but she told me Bennie and I were doing great and the labor was going really fast.  So I had what my friends like to call a “Hippie Birth”. Bennie made a playlist with all the old school hip hop, at one point Lauryn Hill was playing and I was zoning out into some “I AM WOMAN, HEAR ME ROAR” type zone.  The midwife must have ate cheese and sausage (#SoSwiss) on her break because she was coaching me to breathe and her breath smelled horrible. It took everything in me not to ask her to brush her teeth.

I mean it hurt, a lot. Yet, it was amazing. It was fast! (HINT: I read if you eat dates everyday in the final weeks you’ll have a fast labor, it worked) I didn’t have any serious trauma to my body and healed VERY quickly.

Langston Raffael was born underwater and then the midwife sort of swam him up to me for his first breath of air on my chest. He didn’t cry at first but was looking around, taking it all in.

natural water birth story unmedicated hospitalnewborn natural birth bitemyfashionI was in labor for almost 6 1/2 hours from the very first contraction till he was born.  Bennie was amazing, we’re talking about a man that hates when I watch those TLC health documentaries because “they show too much”. He was in there cheering me on and coaching me, not to mention dj’ingnewborn birth story father diaper change

natural birth baby newborn photos hospital

mommy me matching baby outfit blue

So that’s the story! If you have any questions/ fears of your own leave it in the comments and I will write you my answer. I got some crazy questions from friends so don’t be afraid.


I will keep this series going for a bit, I think I can write a few other helpful and interesting points for anyone thinking of having a baby or recently had one… or just find this stuff interesting.


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18 responses to “Motherhood: Natural Birth Story (6 Months Later)”

  1. Kate says:

    You are absolutely amazing! I can’t even imagine what you went through, because let me tell you when the true labor pains kicked in I begged for the epidural!
    Kate recently posted…Laced Up and CozyMy Profile

    • Bitemyfashion says:

      hahah Kate, I know what you mean. I just kept telling myself that means it is almost over. At that point, I didn’t want to get out of the bath so there was no way I could wait for them to get the meds.

  2. jodie filogomo says:

    What an incredible experience and joy!!!

  3. Violette says:

    Your baby is so cute and looks so tall for a 6 month years old! Cute story and thank you for sharing his birth!

  4. Benita James says:

    wow! you are really strong, I can’t even imagine the pain that comes from natural labour. Thank God for a safe delivery and a healthy baby. He is so cute and adorable.

    Bernie, xx
    The Style Fanatic

  5. Simone says:

    Such an amazing story! I still remember giving birth to my two kids as if it was yesterday. Your son looks so adorable, very cute!

    xx Simone
    Little Glittery Box
    Simone recently posted…Little Black Dress – Own it. Wear it. Rock it.My Profile

  6. amazing story! when i was having contractions, i called triage and hollered “PREP THE NEEDLE! I’M ON THE WAY!” lol

  7. Cindy Elena says:

    OMG this post is so precious! Kinda shed a tear reading this.

    xo | Cindy Elena

  8. Emily says:

    Wow — what an amazing story. Thank you for sharing your journey with all of us. I don’t have kids, but I can only imagine the pain you went through.
    Emily recently posted…Pumpkins at Pingles Farm MarketMy Profile

  9. Kate says:

    What a beauty he is! As someone who plans to get pregnant at some point (hopefully soon!) hearing your story is very helpful. And how the heck do you manage to look so good in every situation? Congrats girl!!

    XO, Kate

  10. Thanks so much for this amazing birthday story! Your son is so precious.
    Kathrine Eldridge recently posted…Black Cardigan – The Perfect Fall StapleMy Profile

  11. Neti* says:

    Amazing story and well done Mom. What a handsome Boy!! I had my son via C-section years ago, and have no knowledge of labor pains, so it is very interesting to read your birth story. . .
    Neti* recently posted…The BudgetMy Profile

  12. Rosanna says:

    What an incredible story and wonderful pictures too!
    Have a lovely weekend 🙂
    Rosanna x

  13. Yiota says:

    It’s a beautiful story and thank you for sharing it! I am not a mum (yet!) but I love to read birth stories, after all it’s the miracle of life! x


  14. Gentry says:

    Your son is absolutely precious- what a cutie!! 🙂

  15. NancyMc says:

    Falasha- You and your baby and your story are lovely. You always were. I wish all of you great health and happiness.

  16. Michelle says:

    This was the sweetest story, Falasha! Thank you for sharing your birthing process with us (and cute pictures of your little babe). I laughed out loud when you said that you wanted to bake a cake – what a nice goal to have!

    xx Michelle |
    Michelle recently posted…Premarital Counseling Made Me Feel NormalMy Profile

  17. Lizzy says:

    Langston is beautiful, Falasha! I can’t imagine the experience of giving birth, but I do like to watch those TLC shows! 😉
    Lizzy recently posted…Collaboration – torturedSolesMy Profile

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