Paris in 4 Hours

May 3, 2016
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I have fallen in love with a new city. Paris is more than I ever imagined! There is more to do than I ever imagined, this is a city full of life and still authentic. Take the train from Zurich to Paris and land in the heart of Paris in just 4 hours. No TSA, no problems. Continue Reading…


Layers for Spring, Without the Bulk

April 27, 2016
layer spring 2016 fashion cold weather

I am ready for Spring, but Spring is not ready for me. I have been freezing my butt off week after week in an attempt to provide nice spring wardrobe content but I’m going to keep it real with you, it is so cold outside!

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Let’s Go Thrift-ing: Bandana Scarf Tie and Denim

April 22, 2016
Thrift Bandana Scarf Style_trend_bitemyfashion

I absolutely love thrift, flea market, bargain hunting and second hand shopping. My proudest purchase was a Diane Von Furstenberg skirt I found 98% off at Nordstrom Rack, it was sold out at regular price of $498 at Barney’s. My first job was reselling and buying wholesale with my dad. There is no telling me anything different. One day I should do guide for the blog… but today I will tell you about my adventure to the thrift store in Bern!

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Wishlist Wednesday: Top Ten Pantone Must-Haves Under $50

April 20, 2016
pantone top 10 under 50 dollars must have ss 16

Spring florals are as groundbreaking as they ever were this spring (cue the Devil Wears Prada meme). Every spring we seek to find the spring trend must-haves but we often ignore the best seasonal guide which comes from the Fashion Gods over at Pantone.

Pantone releases their color trend report every season and it is a great way to choose colors to pick up basics and accessories in to give your spring update that extra trendy look without breaking the bank!

I present to you the…

Top 10 Pantone Colored Pieces for Less than $50. 

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SS 16: Sweatsuit or Tracksuit Trend?

April 13, 2016

Think back to 2006- 2008 where we all dawned tacky  cool velour sweatsuits in rainbow colors. Juicy sweatsuits were some type of symbolism back then and I am actually kinda proud to say I never  owned one, mostly because I owned more Nike and Adidas sweatpants than real clothes and my parents refused to buy me the trendy suit. In hindsight I dodged a bullet.

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