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My Winter 2017 Essentials

The Gürten

Cute Homemade Christmas Cards

December 5, 2017

I love cute homemade christmas cards. I am not cutting and pasting anything at home but this is about as close to homemade it is getting for us! Christmas Cards are one…

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Most Cool Watch

December 2, 2017

Christmas came early this year! I got Bennie a watch, not just any watch… the most cool watch.  Every Christmas you have this cool sweet smell of cinnamon in the…

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Bern, Switzerland

Is Stokke Worth the Money? Stokke Review

November 28, 2017

Is Stokke worth the money? Better yet, is the Stokke Stroller worth 1,200? The Stokke strollers have been collecting awards being named the Best Stroller of the Year for many years…

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All Black Friday Deals: Small Business Saturday

November 25, 2017

zzall black friday deals, black friday deals haul, shop black friday deals Another All Black Friday Deals post?! Cue eye roll. Are you sick of the “All Black Friday Deals”…

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All Black Friday Deals Ultimate Gift Guide 2018

November 21, 2017

black friday deals. find all black friday deals and shop gift guide. black friday fashion deals. Happy (almost) Thanksgiving! I celebrated Thanksgiving/ Friendsgiving  a couple of weeks ago so now…

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Crans-Montanta, Switzerland

25 Reasons Why this is the Perfect Holiday Long Sleeve Dress

November 11, 2017

Holiday long sleeve dresses are nothing new. If you saw velvet and cringed, stay with me! I was a non-believer but I will convince you with 25 reasons why this…

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