Wishlist Wednesday

April 6, 2016

Wishlist Wednesday is here and with my travel wish being granted I am now wishing for the perfect outfit to go along with my trip (use the photo above as hint)

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Summer Fashion Trend: 60’s to 2016

April 4, 2016

What is the must follow trend of Spring/Summer 16?! Just say hello to the 60’s.


I am so unbelievably happy the weather is warming up! If you have read my blog ever (even once) I am always annoyingly b*tchi#g about the weather.

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Black Turtleneck Le Chic

January 24, 2016

I feel like a black turtleneck brings about feelings of serious chic-ness. I have a thing for black and have been eyeing cable knit everything this winter. Unfortunately winter has barely made an appearance in Switzerland which is a bummer for all of the ski enthusiasts in the mountains. I was able to pick up this fitted turtleneck dress from Primark in Birmingham, UK for about 8£ which was a great deal. The material is stretchy and lightweight so I can’t wait to style it in summer as well!

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Holiday Survival Tips: Being an Adult

December 21, 2015

Do you ever really feel like an adult? I look at my life and I think to myself… “I am an adult but I don’t feel old” I think a part of me always imagined adulthood as less of a transition and more of an over night transformation.

Remember your 13th birthday?  You woke up knowing you were a teenager. No one could take that away from you! Your 20’s are an  adulthood transition. I think I have been more equipped than some but honestly most of the enjoyment of being 20-something is to know better but not care… I know I should save every penny but sometimes you must buy the shoes; as an example.

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Holiday Survival Tips: Be Irresistible

December 1, 2015

The holidays are full of temptations… From the food to the shorter work schedules and longer mall hours. You can find the havoc of the holidays leaving you a bit bewildered between social obligations and busy schedules… I know at least I feel this way all too often during this time of the year.

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Contest & Life Update

November 24, 2015

During the current climate I’ll share a few photos from my recent trip to Brussels, Belgium with the Zurich Lacrosse Team. It was an amazing experience in a beautiful city. Crazy how the small European city has been catapulted into the spotlight due to terrorism, the city has been pretty much shut down as the military and police raid homes for suspected terrorist. As I rant about my small issues these photos remind me of the bigger picture.

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CONTEST: Designer Fashion for You! CLOSED

September 24, 2015

Seriously, you are the real MVP! My little blog would not exists without all of you that give me a reason to write. The empowerment of having a blog makes me feel like my voice is heard. My artistic side has a place to yammer on about how much I hope

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September 21, 2015

Where have I been? I miss one post and decide I am going to vanish for almost 2 weeks. Blogging is hard work and sometimes you get preoccupied and distracted with a million other things which has pretty much been everything happening on my end. Continue Reading…