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Posh Places in Liverpool: Tips for Afternoon Tea

December 26, 2017

Posh Places in Liverpool, most people only think of London as the place to visit in Great Britain but Liverpool has much to offer. Afternoon tea and being posh are one in the same but do not get caught in the tourist trap that is “High Tea”, especially in London. We visited Liverpool and had one of the most authentic British experiences.

Is there anything more British than Afternoon Tea and Exploration? If you are not following me on Instagram this may be news to you but we are spending the Christmas holidays in Great Britain. We spent some time in the major city of London and some time in the smaller northern city of Liverpool. Liverpool is one of those authentic cities where you can not help but fall in love with the locals whether they are “on the ale” (we were informed by the city ambassador at Town Hall that is the local slang to describe the drunk party goers you will inevitably see) or if they are soaking in the culture at the docks. Liverpool’s claim to fame and essentially the only thing I ever knew about it was that Beatles come from there but I can tell you now that Liverpool has so much to offer and may be the friendliest party city  I have ever visited.

In the US we would call this Southern Hospitality but in Britain’s north this is just the norm. You’ll hear everyone saying “Youre are-right, yeah?” as a greeting or “Sorry, love” as they pass you in a crowded store. So as you can imagine the Afternoon tea was just as polite  and beautiful.

Posh Places in Liverpool: Tips for Afternoon Tea

Exploring the city, we popped into Oh Me, Oh My  Situated in the grand 1920’s building formerly the Bank of West Africa the slogan across the window read “A Secret Space” and I was intrigued. The place was nearly empty as we later realized they are closed most evenings and every weekend for private events.

As we were seated in the cutest nook to admire the quaint beauty I immidiately wanted to indulge in the Afternoon tea that was ending in 8 minutes and only available by reservation.

They politely checked with the kitchen and accommodated the Afternoon Tea for two for the standard (without alcohol) for 16.95 (about $18.00) per person.

The food was amazing, and the staff was so polite. The server came over and spoke with us for a bit and introduced all 12 of the holiday teas, so we could choose where we wanted to start and have unlimited amounts of tea.

To be honest I was out of my league and I quickly googled proper Afternoon tea etiquette as t not look completely savage lol.

Visiting Posh Places in Liverpool Here are a few tips:
  1. Eat the sandwiches first.
  2. Break the scone, don’t cut them.
  3. Apply jam and then butter on to the scone.
  4. Work your way up the tower of delicious-ness.
  5. Finish your tea.

Everything was great and we stayed close to 2 hours with the space almost to ourselves. We bought a canister of the white tea, Champagne Casis from the
Champagne region of France and they threw in a free strainer for the Holidays!

Oh Me, Oh My will be hosting a private Avant Gard New Year’s Eve party that sounds like a lot of fun! I will definitely be attending a private event in the future because the food looks amazing!!!

Have you done Afternoon tea? what do you think of this place?
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6 responses to “Posh Places in Liverpool: Tips for Afternoon Tea”

  1. Andrea says:

    I love a good Afternoon Tea!!

    Thanks for the recommendation!

    Happy Holidays!


    Seize your Style

  2. Neti* says:

    Looks like good clean Fun. Happy 2018 to you!

  3. This looks like a luxurious & posh afternoon tea… ahh I love it! 🙂
    Happy holidays!
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  4. I have never done Afternoon Tea nor been to Liverpool but your post definitely wants me to do both!

  5. The one thing I didn’t do in the UK was afternoon tea. It was on my list and my schedule was so jam-packed I never made time for it. I wish I had because this looks lovely!

  6. I def love a good afternoon tea 🙂 Thanks much for the tips

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