The Good Old Days: An Open Letter to You, My Friend

August 24, 2015

I was rained out a fashion post today and felt like getting a little more personal into the “lifestyle”. It has been a funny year for me, in reality a funny adulthood. Sometimes I look back on my 8 years since high school and think of the whirlwind my life has taken.270527_10150353222825760_4210700_n

Here is a rant/ recap.

I remember when I completed my college applications thinking, this is when life begins. This is when all of my choices are mine.

One month after my 18th birthday I moved over 4,000 miles away from the suburbs of Washington, DC to an island in the Pacific. Moving to Hawaii for college was only the beginning of this ride. 

I learned so much about culture and became friends with the most interesting and diverse group of friends. I would have never met friends like this other than in Hawaii. Hawaii taught me so much about life, I gained a new appreciation and happiness.

After living in Hawaii for 4 years I moved back to the east coast, living in the city and began work almost immediately. No soft transition into adulthood.

Some weeks I would barely sleep. I found a new strength in my work ethic and professional possibilities I never knew. I became a bit of a loner, keeping ties with high school friends but too busy for many social events.

Only in the months after leaving my job did I realize how few friends I made in my 4 years in DC.

Now 4 years after working through my early 20’s and being very proud of my professional accomplishments. I have moved 4,000 miles to Europe. Practically the center of Europe, the small landlocked country of Switzerland… and it reminds me of what one of my friends always said in college when she was homesick.

“I wish we could put all the people we love and all of the cities we love, food, attractions and restaurants in one place. Utopia.”

1934297_18437090759_3045_n IMG_6289I find myself making that wish. Here’s a letter to all of the close and random friends and family I have missed.

Dear Friend/ Cousin/ Sister,

I wish we kept in touch more. I still laugh at our inside jokes and remember that year we ate Taco Bell everyday in college or how you’d come pick me up in high school to go to Chipotle. You’re the one I told about my engagement before it even happened or right away. I still want to text you when I found out our favorite show was canceled but I lost my phone so I don’t have your number and it’s not important enough for Facebook. (that’s how it always happens) I remember that time we went to the beach in high school and stayed up till 3 AM, The Devil Wears Prada came out that summer and we promised to only wear black. I texted you but I don’t know if you got it. I am really happy when you leave “hey bitch, babe, girl” comments on my social media.

We used to talk on the phone everyday. You were my morning text before I had a boyfriend. We thought 4 Lokos were cool and 27 was old. You used to call me to cry for hours about your now ex, now you’re happy and that guy is a joke.

You said you thought I was bitch when we first met.

You told me to stop being a copycat when we were 6 because I wanted vanilla ice cream. I mean c’mon.

If we played basketball together it is very likely I saw you more than my own parents for at least 5 years, if it was lacrosse practice was more like hangout time.

We worked at Victoria’s Secret together, or Abercrombie and spent hours telling stories hiding from the managers on the sales floor.

I am really sad that now I only see you at weddings, baby showers or through a Facebook feed. I think all this technology has ruined our friendship… or is it just me? Would we be better at keeping in touch if I hadn’t already read it on my news feed?

Maybe we weren’t even that close of friends, I may not have shared every secret with you but you helped me pass Anthropology and taught me more about your culture or we got really drunk at that party and decided we would be best friends at every party we see each other for the entire semester, you were a weekend warrior like none other.

I miss all of you. All of these different relationships I have made over the years have made me the person I am today.

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I have moved more than 4,000 miles three times in my life now and I miss you all. 

I know when I see you again we will laugh and joke and make the best of our time. The older I get I have become really bad at making friends but that’s why I like my friends because you’re the same way. You kind of hate everyone like me.

Love and Miss You,


I hope to be better at keeping in touch with you all. Take a chance and text the old number you have in your phone for a friend. I am sure they will love it.

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12 responses to “The Good Old Days: An Open Letter to You, My Friend”

  1. Stephanie says:

    Such a beautiful post falasha. 🙂 Thanks for sharing.
    Stephanie recently posted…New in!Mango Floral pants!My Profile

  2. blogoratti says:

    What a wonderful and heartfelt post, really nice.
    blogoratti recently posted…What I’m Reading Right Now (12)My Profile

  3. Agnes says:

    Aww this is so cute, I’m sure your friends will appreciate this open letter! I know exactly how you feel because I have also moved to 6 different countries in 3 different continents in less than 21 years and it can get pretty hectic!
    Agnes x
    Agnes recently posted…Food For thoughtMy Profile

  4. Very lovely and sincere post, your friends will surely love this!
    Capturing Life Memoirs recently posted…Monochrome styleMy Profile

  5. Zarrah says:

    Ohhhhh this post makes me miss my college besties 🙂
    They are far far away from me right now like 4,100 miles from me.

    I want to give them such wonderful letter like this.
    And you give me inspiration.

    The Bandwagon Chic | Instagram | Bloglovin | Snapchat: bandwagonchic
    Zarrah recently posted…#TRAVELVENTURE: BANGUI WINDMILLSMy Profile

  6. Lovely post and its a great experience to have shared moments of your life with different kinds of people from different places. I wish I could do so too. Lovely Photos and hope you keep the memories at heart
    Enjoy the rest of your Week dear

  7. Denise says:

    Yes, life changes so much, unexpectedly, or sometimes on purpose, and it’s nice to recollect memories, like now… a copy cat because of the same vanilla ice cream, I had a smile 🙂 Going to the beach, shopping together… university, 4 years getting to know people, taking these beautiful pictures… I loved your post! One thing is true – no one enters our lives without a reason… even if the reason is for 4 min, and then we learned or taught something and leave… or for the whole life!
    Denise recently posted…Autobiographical memoryMy Profile

  8. I am so glad to see that you’re happy with adulthood! Not many people can say that. Personally, I felt kind of lost after high school.


  9. Ela says:

    Beautiful photos and memories xx
    Ela recently posted…Let’s Talk PowderMy Profile

  10. Eni says:

    So sweet….I’m reading your post with the help of Google Translate. I hope to understand everything !!! You’ve written some really nice words! Have a nice day, kisses (and thank you for your visit),

    Eniwhere Fashion
    Eniwhere Fashion Facebook
    Eni recently posted…#Outfit: Grey ripped jeans a VigoMy Profile

  11. Mica says:

    Aww, what a beautiful post! It’s hard keeping in touch sometimes, things move on and you lose numbers and you move and it’s harder to see each other. Friendships are so important, and usually you find, when you do get to meet up again, it’s just like old times 🙂
    Mica recently posted…Corporate Style: Printed Dresses And Trench Coats For The OfficeMy Profile

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