Top 3 Reasons to Stay at AirBnB

April 17, 2015

The most recent AirBnB I stayed at was with friends on Sunset Blvd in Los Angeles, as pictured above. It was  a perfect post-Coachella hangout. The apartment was a mix between beautiful open floor plan and privacy for the bedrooms. I truly love the convenience and location options of AirBnB and whenever I travel it is usually the first thing I look up. I will preface this post with the fact that I have never shared a room or shared an apartment on AirBnB, I have only done entire rentals which I have had an overall very positive experience. I have stayed for times as long as one day to one month from L.A. to Switzerland.

I love AirBnb so much I even applied for a job with them at one point; it only makes sense they could pay me in traveling and housing cost, I wouldn’t even need a paycheck haha.

On another note: Does Airbnb have gift cards?! (hint! hint!)

Airbnb Background: If you don’t know Airbnb is an app and web interface where you can rent a shared room, a room or an entire home. At times these are homes that are only rented out while the owner is on vacation or traveling for work. Some rentals are always available and  the landlord uses Airbnb to list the rental property.

Lillypad_bywater-new+orleans_airbnbc827a546_originalMy first stay at AirBnb was in New Orleans at the Lily Pad in the heart of Bywater as seen above.

Top 3 Reasons I Stay at AirBnB

1) Explore the Neighborhood– I had the chance to visit New Orleans and chose to stay away from the noisier, infamous Bourbon Street, it was a nice walk or 5 min ride away. Where we stayed in Bywater we had the beauty of walking to the French Quarter and exploring some of the magic that only a NoLa native could introduce to my fiancé and I. We went to watch the Saints game at the most authentic New Orleans bar and mixed with locals, also a great way to learn the neighborhood if you plan to move there one day. I would not have seen the real, fun, authentic side of many cities had I chose a hotel over Airbnb. Airbnb is the way to go when visiting places rich in history such as New Orleans.

2) Stay in Unique Spaces-  I love the architectural options when choosing between Airbnb listings. Trust me, I have a million wish lists of places I want to visit. You can stay in anything from a boat house in Paris or a tree house in Colorado. There are also so many amenity options when choosing living accommodations. Choose cable television, wifi, jacuzzi tub… or none. One of my wish list is specifically designed to go on vacation with a large group of friends. All of the homes are beach houses in the UK that accommodate 6 or more, one addition to the list is a former lighthouse. If you are like my sisters and I; you enjoy touring model homes for design inspiration and fun, the decor of Airbnb can be really fun as well.

3) Save Money- Depending on when and where you plan to travel you will save money, even if the base per night cost is the same as a hotel if you plan to cook at home or host friends and/ or family you will likely come out better by staying at an Airbnb. Plus, you have a little place of your own, no matter how temporary. You will begin to feel at home if you are staying for a longer time.

Please remember to always be safe and to read the reviews before booking. If at any time you feel unsafe do not stay at any accommodation. Airbnb will refund you or help find a resolution to any issues.

If you have any questions leave a comment below & if you would like to save a little money- save $25 when you start Airbnb by using my referral Try it out here. You can save $1oo by using this link by April 30th.

BTW, I was not paid in any way for sharing my opinion.



AirBnb in South Beach (SoBe), Miami right near Española Way.


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